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Delta Shower Head Installation

Delta Shower Head Installation

Green Plumbing For Residential Homes

Water Saving Faucets | Eco-Friendly Shower Heads | Water Saving Toilets | Hybrid & On-Demand Water Heaters

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Today’s homeowners are concerned about the environment but they also have concerns about high utility costs and expensive plumbing repairs. Here to help is Pete’s Plumbing, Inc., a well-established, full-service plumbing partner that now offers money saving eco-friendly solutions alongside its traditional service and repair. Pete’s Plumbing Inc. is one of the first plumbing firms to offer these money saving eco friendly products and services in your area.

Water Saving Toilets

Water Saving Toilets

So, what is “green” plumbing anyway? “Green” Eco-friendly products focus primarily on water conservation. These products are designed to use considerably less water than older products. By leveraging the latest technology, Pete’s Plumbing offers a full range of products, such as high-efficiency toilets, faucets, shower heads, and spray rinse valves as well as energy-efficient tank less and on-demand water heaters.

Major brands homeowners recognize such as Kohler, Delta and Moen are leading the way on many of the latest environmentally friendly products. Generally, these products do not cost any more than traditional plumbing fixtures and offer a quick return on investment. For example, simply replacing an aerator in a kitchen or bathroom faucet is relatively inexpensive but can yield a water savings up to 30%. Technology has greatly improved these products over their original designs and homeowners who use them do not experience any difference in water pressure or overall performance.

Julie Lippitt explained, “Research from found that the average daily water consumption in the U.S. is 159 gallons per person. This is from performing common activities such as bathing, washing dishes, laundry and taking care of their lawn”. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that just one leaky faucet can waste more than 3,100 gallons per year. Replacing your existing toilets, shower heads and aerators can save as much as 25 – 40% on your water bill.

While individual fixtures do not seem like big savings, adding up all the fixtures in your home can make a dramatic difference in your water & sewer bill. Consumers should note that sewer charges are based upon your water usage. If you could save 25 – 40% on your water & sewer bill and be “green” at the same time you have achieved the best of both worlds. Reduction in hot water usage also reduces your gas or electric bill as less water is heated.

Pete’s Plumbing skilled green plumbing professionals are available Monday-Friday to assist you with your in-home water conservation assessment. The assessment covers all plumbing fixtures and recommendations are made as to what can be done to make the home’s plumbing system more eco-friendly. The assessment calculates water savings in dollars and gallons and the payback time on the new fixtures chosen. The technicians will also provide recommendations about changing water consumption habits. Even small changes can make a big difference in your water savings. Simple adjustments, such as shorter showers, running only full loads of laundry, and sweeping instead of using a hose translate into considerable savings.

In looking to the future, the owners of Pete’s Plumbing, Rick & Julie Lippitt are constantly searching for new innovative products and services that help homeowners become more environmentally aware. They are currently exploring some of the new grey water and solar water devices that are starting to be introduced to the market.




Pete’s Plumbing is a family owned and operate plumbing firm. We have more than 40 years experience with electric, gas and tankless water heaters. Our staff is standing by, ready to assist you with identifying the perfect on-demand water heater for your home. For immediate assistance please contact us today at 770-442-3934 or email us at ( and let our Pete’s Plumbing family take care of your family!

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